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Tom Russell live i Frankrike
Datum: 2008-02-03

Tom Russell og hans, etterhvert legendariske band, spilte ofte i Norge på 80-tallet. Men Europa-besøkene innebar også konserter i blant annet Frankrike. 12. februar slipper Tom konsert-CDen »Lost Angels of Lyon/ Live«.

Her er hva postordreselskapet Village Records (, som er platas eksklusive utsalgssted, skriver om utgivelsen;

No, you’re not seeing things, for the first time ever Tom is making available a live recording from his archives that features his band from the eighties. Andy Hardin, Fats Kaplin, Billy Troiani, and Charlie Caldarola. This is the full band in all of their glory. Recorded in Lyon, France direct from the soundboard. This disc features stunning sound. It was originally recorded on DAT (digital audio tape) and is an original true stereo digital recording. This is not some audience tape that has been cleaned up, this is a reference tape that was made for the band. The set list is comprised of his early material as well as some driving covers of Springsteen, Chuck Berry, Harlan Howard, Tom Waits and others. Seventeen tracks in all. Please understand, this is a one time pressing that you can only purchase from us here, or if you catch Tom in concert and he has them with him. Ordering now guarantees you a copy. This project has been a couple of years in the making and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. If you ever saw him with his band then you know how special this release is. If you’ve never heard them then you’re going to be stunned. (You can access the complete liner notes from provided links on the back of the disc cover). We reserve the right to limit quantities.

1. The Heart Of A Working Man (Russell)
2. Spanish Burgandy (Russell)
3. Honkytonk Heart (Russell-C. Brouse)
4. Love Makes A Fool Of The Wise (Russell)
5. Downtown Train (T. Waits)
6. Veteran's Day (Russell)
7. I'm On Fire (Springsteen)
8. Mezcal (Russell)
9. El Guero Polka/La Frontera (Russell)
10. Under The Gun (Russell-D. Zanes)
11. Streets Of Baltimore (Glazer-Howard)
12. White Lightning (J.P. Richardson)
13. Joshua Tree (Russell)
14. The Road To Bayamon (Russell)
15. Cumbia/Reason To Believe (Springsteen)
16. Boppin' The Blues (C. Perkins)
17. Little Queenie (C. Berry)

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