Wrens, The
The Meadowlands
(Lo-Max Records)

Pris: 29 SEK

»The Meadowlands« New Jersey-kvartetten The Wrens tredje album och en uppvisning i känsloladdad och kraftfull rock. Det är en platta som vinner för varje lyssning. Det finns något nytt att upptäcka. Och nu släpps den äntligen i Skandinavien i en specialupplaga med två bonusspår.

»The Meadowlands« gavs nyligen ut i Storbritannien och pressen har överträffat sig i hyllningar:

“The Wrens are indeed a revelation: a sound ripped apart, reassembled and brought fantastically to life by a truly individual quartet. A rare treasure. 9 out of 10: Album of the Month” NME – Dele Fadele

“The Meadowlands, is some kind of masterpiece: a seamless blend of shockingly intense, in-your-face sounds and emotions, of immediacy and distance, alienation and engagement, the ominous and the reassuring. I hear a Neil Young refusing to luxuriate in his melancholy, a young David Byrne shorn of his Joe College smart-aleckery, Springsteen minus the melodrama or even a grownup Kurt Cobain resigned to pursuing his art through the blue-collar wasteland.” MOJO – Charles Shaar Murray

“They erupted like a volcano. It was like watching the Clash play a set of Gang of Four songs on steroids. As the singer, Kevin Whelan, swung his bass around while clambering up and leaping off every elevated surface available, the guitarists, Charles Bissell and Whelan’s brother Greg, lurched and lunged in a chaotic dance of dementia at either side. It was a minor miracle that nobody got hurt.” THE SUNDAY TIMES – David Sinclair

1. the house that guilt builtLyssna
2. happyLyssna
3. she sends kissesLyssna
4. this boy is exhaustedLyssna
5. hopelessLyssna
6. faster gun
7. thirteen grand
8. boys, you won't
9. ex-girl collection
10. per second second
11. everyone chooses sides
12. 13 months in 6 minutes
13. this is not what you had planned
14. such a pretty lie

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