Lindgren, Richard
Death & Love
(Rootsy Music)

Price: 149 SEK

”Death and Love” is the Swedish singer/songwriter Richard Lindgren's 11th album since the debut back in 1996 and the first one since the acclaimed ”Malmostoso” from 2016. It's been a few years and it might be tempting to think that the Poet has been lazy. But not at all - on the contrary, it's been a very creative period for Richard. But due to circumstances beyond his control, he's not been able to spend as much time in the recording studio as he would have needed to get all his new songs on tape. Richard lost both his parents in recent years and he had to deal with his grief and a lot of practicalities. A house to take care of, in need of re-roofing, and wood to cut...

While dealing with all this, Lindgren wrote some of his best songs so far. Songs of darkness, grief and death. But also of hope and love. And and en ever present dark sense of humor.

»Death and Love« was produced by Magnus Nörrenberg and features his regular touring band.

While living in the countryside and minding the inherited house, Richard sometimes got restless and decided to give painting a try. The front cover is a piece by Richard and the back is a cooperation with his 12 year old niece Nora.

1. Death and Love
2. Down On My Luck
3. Turnstile
4. Jilted Love
5. Bad Habit
6. Travels With Johanna
7. Tell Dita (I Love Her)
8. Charley Battles’ Blues
9. First Kiss
10. Drunk Tank Boogie
11. Where Did You Go, Little Boy?

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