OK Star Orchestra
Sound Classique

Price: 149 SEK

The unique and absolutely brilliant OK Star Orchestra is back in business. Their second CD »Sound Classique« see them continue on the path they found on the first album »Cobra Sessions«. Laidback, smooth yet passionate instrumental music with obvious influences from African music. But, no. It's not African music played by a Swedish band. It's very much their own music, something very special and beautiful. After a few minutes you stop thinking about influences. You're lost in the music no matter if you're relaxing in your living room or dancing away to the strange beats of OK Star Orchestra.

1. Johnny SordinListen
2. Go Go GoListen
3. Plain BlueListen
4. OK Star BeatListen
5. Musik Fuh EvribodiListen
6. Die Zentralheizung
7. Miss Mirinda
8. Muzungo Swing
9. Ela Ela Ela

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