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Historien om Jeffrey Lee
Datum: 2006-08-08

De siste årene har 80-tallsbandet Gun Club fått plenty oppmerksomhet fra yngre rockband, sist fra norske Madrugada, som inviterte gitaristen Kid Congo Powers med på sin konsert i Oslo Spektrum i desember i fjor for å gjøre Gun Club-klassikeren »Mother of Earth«. Liveplaten derfra har til nå solgt 150 tusen i Norge og i går kveld sendte svensk TV1 konsertfilmen.

Nå kommer nyheten om at en biografisk film om Gun Clubs eksentriske frontmann, Jeffrey Lee Pierce er under produksjon.

Mens vi vente på den kan vi kose oss med et nylig avduket konsertopptak av bandet fra Hacienda Club i Manchester. Her er hva postordrefirmaet Miles of Music skriver om DVDen.

Live At The Hacienda (DVD)

The first ever DVD one of the outstanding alternative bands of the 1980's - The Gun Club. Tribal, psychobilly blues is the best way to describe Gun Club's energetic death rock, the band's leader Jeffrey Lee Pierce' had a reputation as an unreliable, and well-publicized bouts of drunkenness dogged him throughout his career. Formed in Los Angeles in the early '80s, the band rested more comfortably around the New York downtown set and Pierce's mentors, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. Their 1981 debut, Fire of Love, was a punk/blues hybrid - intense energy fueled Pierce's exorcism-inprogress delivery and the band's frenetic style. 1982's Miami album was produced by Blondie's Chris Stein - Pierce had once been the president of Blondie's U.S. fan club which sparked the liaison. For Las Vegas Story in 1984, the Club won over guitarist Kid Congo Powers from the Cramps and Patricia Morrison (the Bags) on bass and it looked as if that was that when, save for some live recordings and posthumous releases, Pierce launched his solo career in 1985 with the EP Flamingo and the Wildweed album for the Statick label. But it wasn't quite over; in 1987 Pierce came back with a realigned Club and the album, Mother Juno (Fundamental) which earned them a wider following than ever. In 1996, after drying-out, but suffering from persistent health problems, Pierce passed away from a brain hemorrhage. Morrison went on to play with the Sisters of Mercy, Powers in his own lounge group and Dotson formed the Pontiac Brothers. The group were one of the most popular draws on the live circuit during their mid-1980's heyday and »Live At The Hacienda« captures two visits the band made to Manchester's legendary venue.

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