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Vil du bli eier av en Supersuckers-sang?
Datum: 2005-12-14

Det amerikanske punkbandet Supersuckers, som også fra tid til annen spiller country, har kommet opp med en oppsiktsvekkende promotionidé. Nå auksjonerer bandet ut sin egen sang, »Flyin´ into the Mid-day Sun«! Det innebærer at høyest bydende vil overta alle rettigheter til sangen og kan bruke den til hva vedkommende måtte finne på. Du kan selge den til en TV-annonse, til et filmsoundtrack eller for den saks skyld, gi den ut på egen singel.

Auksjonen foregår på og varer i omtrent 60 dager til.

Sangen er pr.nå å finne på Supersuckers album »Devil´s Food«.

Her er bandets pressemelding i sakens anledning:

The infamous Indie band Supersuckers are once again breaking music industry barriers. Supersuckers are coming together with in our quest to broaden the horizons for musicians everywhere. Supersuckers are auctioning off their song Flyin Into the Mid-day Sun from their album Devils Food, released in 2005. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, and have not experienced the rocknroll fury unleashed by the Supersuckers- have no fear, it is not too late for you. The Supersuckers have released many excruciatingly vicious albums since 1989 and they have no intention of slowing down. In 2001 they created there own label, Mid-Fi Recordings, which gives them the freedom to create and release any uninhibited kickass shit they choose. Their music is timeless and appealing to a broad range of musical tastes- from punk to country. You may already be a fan without even realizing it. They have had there songs put on television programs, movies, commercials and, skate and snowboard vids.

They've toured and played with countless other phenomenal musicians such as Willie Nelson, Motorhead and most recently Pearl Jam. Supersuckers success as an Indie band is inspiring!

The existing music industry mainly consists of large corporations whose aim is profit rather than artistic diversity. The integrity of music is sacrificed. Pure creativity is limitless. Here at we are trying to lift away the control so that musicians (and the masses) have the opportunity to enjoy their raw talent. Removing boundaries leads to the creation and distribution of more, high quality, unique tunes. Come join us at so you can have a hand in making music history.

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