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Ny dubbel från Chip Taylor
Datum: 2021-07-19

Chip Taylor fortsätter att skriva och spela in låtar av högsta kvalitet och hälsar till alla vänner i Skandinavien:

My new album is called Can I Offer You A Song and it will be out on August 13. There are 20 new songs - a double CD/double vinyl LP - and I hope you will enjoy it. Right now, the title track, featuring John Platania and Goran Grini, is available to hear on Spotify, Apple and everywhere else. Every time I hear John’s guitar enter I get such a chill and that feeling lasts for the whole song. This is a special track, inspired by friends.

If all goes well, I’ll be playing some live shows this winter. It will be so good to see some of you in person again.
- Chip Taylor

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