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Prine & venner på konsert
Datum: 2010-05-03

For noen uker siden fortalte vi om en ny tribute-plate til John Prine, med utgivelse i slutten av juni.

En måned tidligere, med amerikansk utgivelse 25.mai kommer et nytt livealbum med Prine, »In Person & on Stage« (Oh Boy records). Her har Prine med seg følgende på scena: Emmylou Harris, Iris DeMent, Josh Ritter, Sara Watkins og trioen Kane, Welch & Kaplin.

Plata inneholder følgende sanger:

1. Spanish Pipedream
2. She Is My Everything
3. In Spite Of Ourselves (with Iris DeMent)
4. Long Monday
5. The Late John Garfield Blues (with Sara Watkins)
6. The Bottomless Lake
7. Bear Creek Blues
8. Saddle In The Rain
9. Angel From Montgomery (with Emmylou Harris)
10. Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore
11. Mexican Home (with Josh Ritter)
12. Unwed Fathers (with Iris DeMent)
13. Glory Of True Love
14. Paradise (with Kane Welch Kaplin)

»in Person & on Stage« kommer også i en svært begrenset Deluxeutgave. Her er informasjon om innholdet:

Here is the ultimate collector's boxed set for the new John Prine live album »In Person & On Stage,« which are limited editions of 300. They all will include an autograph from John Prine, as well as a hand-numbered certificate.

Each set contains a commemorative 8 inches by 11.5 inches setlist print which are printed with John's actual handwriting and display the album tracklisting All 300 of these will actually be autographed by John Prine himself.

And in addition to being packaged in a collectable box, the set includes:

In Person & On Stage CD
In Person & On Stage Bonus MP3s
In Person & On Stage Autographed Setlist Print
In Person & On Stage T-Shirt (All Sizes)
In Person & On Stage Hatch Show Print
In Person & On Stage Album Poster
John Prine Playing Cards
John Prine Glossy Photo (Smiling)

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