Lindgren, Richard

Richard Lindgren's songs touch my heart deeply, he is a kindred spirit to me. The sorrow, the longing, the anger, the humor, the always reaching for something more, he expresses all these feelings so beautifully in his new CD A Man You Can Hate. What a stunning collection of songs, of human emotion, of glimpses into the unsettled soul of an artist. He has given us an honest gift, the best gift any artist can give. He has given us himself.
Mary Gauthier

I butiken:
Death & Love print
Poets Drown In Lakes - A Live Recording
A Man You Can Hate
Salvation Hardcore
Memento - Best of + rare and unreleased tracks 1994-2010
Postcards From Elsewhere
Sundown On A Lemon Tree
Driftwood (The 309 Sessions)
Memento - Condensed: the rare and unreleased tracks 1994-2010
A Hobo's Selection
Dunce's Cap
Death & Love
Down On My Luck
It Makes No Difference
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
[2020-11-20] Singelpremiär: Richard Lindgren - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
[2020-05-22] Singel/video-premiär: Richard Lindgren -It Makes No Difference
[2019-07-09] Videopremiär: Richard Lindgren - Bad Habit (Livingroom Sessions)
[2019-05-16] Videopremiär: Richard Lindgren - Death & Love (Livingroom Sessions)
[2019-04-16] Videopremiär: Richard Lindgren - Tell Dita (I Love Her): Livingroom sessions
[2019-02-25] Videopremiär: Richard Lindgren - Turnstile (Livingroom sessions)
[2019-01-11] Singelpremiär: Richard Lindgren - Down On My Luck
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[2013-08-19] Richard Lindgren - kunglig hovleverantör
[2013-01-14] Triple Troubadours 2
[2012-12-11] A x-mas nod to Bob 2
[2012-10-18] Singel från Richard Lindgrens
[2012-10-11] Richard Lindgren i väntans tider
[2012-09-09] Live at Hearts låtskrivarstipendium 2012 till Richard Lindgren
[2011-06-13] Memento på Euro Americana Chart
[2011-05-31] Försenat firande i Malmö
[2011-03-04] Richard Lindgren är med box
[2009-07-09] Richard Lindgren före Little Feat
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[2009-03-09] Rootsy Takeaway presenterar Richard Lindgren - solo, live
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Sundown On A Lemon Tree (av Anna Carlstedt)
Poets Drown In Lakes – A Live Recording (av Bengt O Tedeborg)
Memento - Best of + rare & unreleased tracks 1994-2010 (av Bengt O Tedeborg)
Malmostoso (av Urban Henriksson)
Grace (av Bengt O Tedeborg)
Driftwood (av Rune Häger)
Death & Love (av Christer Olsson)
A man you can hate (av Mattias Bergqvist)
Världsmusiktoppen enligt Bengt Eriksson:
arkivet: Sundown On A Lemon Tree
Richard Lindgren om Örebro, Oslo och "Grace" (av Urban Henriksson)
Memento: The Richard Lindgren Story (av Urban Henriksson)
Anteckningar från en turné i Italien (av Richard Lindgren)
Drunk On Arrival video
Tom Trauberts Blues video
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