Lindgren, Richard
(Rootsy Music)

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When Richard Lindgren a few years ago was invited to tour Italy it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. A couple of wonderful songs came out of it, for instance the magnificent »Sundown On A Lemon Tree«, but some of suspected that this new found friendship would fade away, due to physical distance and language barriers. We were dead wrong. For Richard Lindgren it was only a beginning and with the new album»Malmostoso« the friendship with Italy seems to develop into a love affair.

»Malmostoso« was recorded in Pavia in the north of Italy, not to far from Milano. All the musicians, with a few exceptions, are Italian and most of the songs were written in or inspired by Pavia.

The album title »Malmostoso« is actually not referring to Richard's Swedish home town Malmö. It's a local Italian expression, meaning something like »sad and gloomy«.

Maybe it's the new surrounding that triggered Richard Lindgren? Maybe it's playing with it's playing with musicians with a slightly different approach that inspired him? Regardless, »Malmostoso« - Richard's 10th studio album - is nothing less than a masterpiece. The songs are powerful, the arrangements and the performances by all involved are top notch.

Richard Lindgren is one of the best and most consistent songwriters in Sweden, even in Europe. Over the past 20 years he's recorded somewhere in between 130 and 150 songs of outstanding quality.

Longtime friend and fellow songwriter Mary Gautier once wrote: »Richard Lindgren's songs touch my heart deeply, he is a kindred spirit to me. The sorrow, the longing, the anger, the humor, the always reaching for something more, he expresses all these feelings so beautifully.«

How very true, still!

1. Dunce's Cap
2. Let's Go To Como, Baby
3. Lonesome Giacomo
4. Ragazzon Blues
5. Merrion Row
6. Evil Love
7. Bluesy Moss
8. St Vincent's Blues
9. Trouble in the Garden
10. Sailor Blue
11. Addio a Pavia

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