Down Harrison
Down Harrison
(Rootsy Music)

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In 2013, twelve years had passed since Tommy Cassemar (bass) & Pelle Alsing (drums) recorded the debut album »This Year The Summer Will Be Long« by Jesper Willaume (singer & songwriter). That album got stuck from being released by various circumstances.

Tommy and Pelle had developed a long grown urge to have a band together, and remembering the recording sessions all those years ago, they got in touch with Jesper to see if he was still making music. It turned out that he had been outside the music scene by choice, making a career in restaurants. But it was also revealed to them that Jesper never quit writing songs, having around 150 pieces that no one ever got to listen to.

After some time of puzzling & twisting with this pile of full songs or fragments, the three of them decided that it had to be recorded and not to be unheard of or forgotten. A dear friend of Tommy & Pelle, Micke Wedberg (guitar, keyboard) was involved in the project. Micke, a devoted musician, technician and owner of Pre/Post Studios, brought the tools for the band to start recording their work.

The band Down Harrison saw the light of day.

The name was inspired by the feeling Jesper got the first time he walked down Harrison Avenue in the small town of Leadville, Colorado, when living there for a couple of years in the late 80's.

As a constant guest & a great friend to the band Ola Gustafsson (guitars, pedal steel), adds the last pieces of the puzzle with his exquisite fingers.

- Tore S Börjesson, journalist and author

1. Enemy
2. Sideburns & Pilots
3. Down Harrison
4. Phew
5. Life Is Easy (Remote)
6. Everyone To Blame
7. Hell's Cold
8. A Spark
9. Write A Song
10. The Big Fence

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