Bondesson, Nils
Blues Dreams

Price: 69 SEK

The air is filled with Jazz, born and raised next door to the omni-present godfather the Blues. And in the street corner we meet the the cheeky cousin Rhythm & Blues and every now and then we hear brass band sounds of the marching band.

To listen to the album »Blues Dreams« is walk the streets of New Orleans, guided by Allen Toussaint. But in this particual case the city is Lund, Sweden and the namer of our guide is Bondesson. Nils Bondesson.

»Blues Dreams« is the second solo album by Nils Bondesson. Nils also plays with Richard Lindgren.

1. Cakewalk into Town
2. Hong Kong Blues
3. Lazy River
4. Toulouse Street Blues
5. Some of These Days
6. Blue Darling
7. Sleepyhead
8. Nobody´s Business
9. Let the Four Winds Blow
10. Careless Love
11. Professor

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