OK Star Orchestra
2012 (LP)

Price: 169 SEK

A new album from Swedish OK Star Orchestra is like meeting a dear old friend after a long time. It's a good, familiar feeling. But at the same time it's exciting an inspiring because our friend has a lot of news to tell us.

OK Star Orchestra is a somewhat strange bird in the Swedish music community. Their musical style is really hard to pinpoint. It's easy enough to agree on the African influences, but before you know it you end up in the deep Swedish forests. Or in the American South. Or some place that seems vaguely familiar, but you can't really tell where you are.

The good news is that it doesn't really matter. OK Star Orchestra is OK Star Orchestra and that's good enough.

Enjoy their new album »2012«, available on download, stream and vinyl.

1. Beans 'n' Rice
2. Got To GoSebastian Aronsson
3. Salong Future
4. Music MirandaAbdus Khadre Cissokho
5. The Bah Beat
6. April SongPrince Mpedzisi
7. Fruktkaka
8. Ono
9. The Next BusKarl-Johan Winqvist

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