OK Star Orchestra
Cobra Sessions

Price: 129 SEK

OK STAR ORCHESTRA is the result of a collaboration between three people with different musical background. Now this doesn’t mean that what we do is something very different or special or ”new”. Infact the outcome seem to be very old. We steal from our past and present with the result being something you hopefully will enjoy because it’s good quality. Whatever that means. We think that quality consists of catchy tunes, musical skills in the meaning of joy and ”feeling”, whatever that means, and a good time. Oh and i think we like old instruments too. And Tommy likes electronical stuff. He’d probably be offended if being forced to listen to youngster Perry’s interest in old timey music too much. And vice versa. Tommy claims though that he bought a cd with gypsie-popularmusic from romania, recorded in the 50’s and 60’s, recently. And Mistah Christah can’t stop talking about the old blues-gubbs n\' gals like Mississippi John Hurt and Memphis Minnie and stuff, although i think he mentioned that he and his wife acctually share a passion for Randy Newman. Isn’t that right Chris?

1. Das SonderangebotListen
2. Sing-Sing The CatListen
3. Lilla MariaListen
4. Music For Ya\'Listen
5. Song For ChesterListen
6. OK Star Evening
7. Happy Blue
8. Sunny Beach
9. Stockholm-Malmö
10. OK Star Morning

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2012 (LP)
Sound Classique
The Beat and the Melody
The Beat and the Melody (LP)

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