William The Conqueror
Proud Disturber of the Peace

Pris: 149 SEK

Engelska William The Conqueror släpper äntligen sitt debutalbum och den engelska pressen jublar:

“William the Conqueror the alter ego of Ruarri Joseph who in a trio setting played stomping country rock at the end veering into stoner grunge reminiscent of Built to Spill.”

“a very modern take on Americana, as much lo-fi grunge as it is country… a mighty launchpad for what’s yet to come”

“William The Conqueror seems hellbent on blurring the lines between genres. While the headline of this very piece dubs them an “Americana” act, they could also easily be labeled as “country” or “folk” or even “grunge” or just straight-forward “rock.” But whatever you want to call William The Conqueror does not matter. All that matters is that this group is good. Damn good. ”
THE 405

1. In My Dreams
2. Tend To The Thorns
3. Did You Wrong
4. Pedestals
5. Sunny Is The Style
6. The Many Faces Of A Good Truth
7. Proud Disturber of the Peace
8. Cold Ontario
9. Mind Keeps Changing
10. Manawatu

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